What is the TMC? It is a test made to prove that your large sized dog listens to your indications and does not present a threat for the population. These are the exercises : 1. Slalom whilst walking at your heel with the leash2. Slalom whilst walking at your heel without the leash3. Ignoring a person […]

The indication

La désignationa

Why is this dog holding itself in such a weird position? Well, he is indicating! In other words he is telling us, by using his body language, where the source of the smell that we have taught him to search is located. This constitutes one of the basics of the apprenticeship of nosework.  This behavior […]

The long leash

The long leash

The long leash, such a staple item. 3m, 6m, 10m, 30m, there are so many options made to make your life easier. Thanks to this tool you can give freedom to a dog that doesn’t master the recall yet. You can keep an impulsive dog or one that has a high prey drive safe.  A […]