The long leash

The long leash
The long leash, such a staple item. 3m, 6m, 10m, 30m, there are so many options made to make your life easier.
Thanks to this tool you can give freedom to a dog that doesn’t master the recall yet. You can keep an impulsive dog or one that has a high prey drive safe. 

A young dog or puppy can discover his environment without restraints or learning to pull on the leash and is able to develop his senses successfully whilst being safe.
It is also important to know that, to protect our fauna, your dog is obliged to be on a long leash until mid-July in the forests of Geneva.  

Long leash with knots and a gripping surface for a big dog, smaller leash with a lightweight hook for your small sized dog , plastic or biothane leash for a dog that adores to roll around in the mud, (did anyone say Golden Retriever? 😉 ).

And finally, best for last, for every dog owner the ultimate option is an entirely tailormade long leash, made in Geneva.

Whatever your desires and needs, I present : Moon and Craft

My favorite with my senior dog in a city environment is the 3m 3-point long leash with multiple options, simply the best for any circumstances.
For the safety of your dog the long leash is only to be used with a harness that is appropriate for your dog’s body type!


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