With Terra Educanis today’s goal becomes tomorrow’s result

Our in-depth knowledge, comprehensive approach and implementation of fully individualized programs allow us to accompany you, whatever your profile or that of your dog.

Individual lessons

Puppy training

Adult dog training


Cleanliness, correct equipment, walking on the leash, mastering the recall, socialization with other dogs, management of adolescent stage; All these basics and more are at the heart of a successful education. It’s better to start early and well, than to bite your fingers afterwards (or to have them bitten).

Start off on the right foot with your puppy and offer yourself complete support that will prepare your dog for the life you are about to offer him.

Accompagnement chien adulte

Your dog is over 6 months old and you need some help with his education? Fortunately, all is not lost! Recall, walking on the leash, managing loneliness, all of these are things that can be improved with the right solutions for your dog.

If it’s your dog’s behavior that is causing you to worry, we’re here to help, too. A dog who does not tolerate other dogs, who is anxious, who has behaviors that you do not understand or do not tolerate can cause great stress on a daily basis and it is important, for the balance of your team, to solve these problems quickly.

Dog-training tests : TMC, BNPC etc.

Préparation et passage du TMC, BNPC

According to the law in Geneva, if your dog measures more than 56cm at the shoulder AND weighs more than 25 kg, it is mandatory to pass the TMC test at 18 months of age. Even if your dog does not meet these criteria, it is an excellent training goal and will allow you to obtain a certificate that can help you in case of problems you could encounter with your dog. This is also the case of the BNPC which is the more advanced version of the TMC.

The TMC includes various exercises (walking on the leash, recall, stay at an indicated spot, manipulations and impulse control within playing with a toy). Our role is to train you adequately, so that you can pass this test and that, thanks to the learning done, your daily life will be facilitated.

If you want to prepare your dog for another test, this is something that can definitely be set up. After all, with Terra Educanis, your goals become our results.

Semi-collective courses

Canine discoveries


4x4 Nosework

Découvertes canines

In small groups, consolidate your dog’s behaviors. Teach him to be attentive to you and feel good, even in the presence of other dogs and in new environments.

Your dog only listening to you in your living room will soon be just a bad memory.

You will learn to understand the canine body language, to choose interactions that are beneficial for his well-being. You will be able to handle new contexts appropriately and your daily management of your dog will be all the more complete!

Our courses include a maximum of 4 dogs, take place in secure locations that are, as well as the exercises, specifically catered to the registered dogs.

What if a natural activity for your dog could help you bond with him and make him more attentive to you? What if this same activity could increase his confidence, his trust in you and in his environment.? And, best of all, what if this activity could even allow your dog to benefit from a healthy fatigue, be more balanced and at ease, help him concentrate easier and make him seek out more interactions with you? I present to you : Nosework!

Practically no material is necessary for the practice of this activity (is stored in a tupperware), the first few basics are learned within a few weeks and you can practice it independently between lessons and evolve endlessly. We look forward to welcoming you to our Nosework lessons in small groups (maximum 4 dogs). The exercises are of course suitable for all levels, your dog just needs to know the designation.

Clics and Tricks

Clics and Tricks

Diverses courses and dog-activities

Divers stages et activités Terra Educanis

You would like your dog to be more focused on you and pay more attention to you in different contexts and environments. You have a dog that requires more mental stimulation. This class is perfect for you.

Our goal will be to determine together which tricks will be beneficial for your team and are adapted to your aptitudes as well as your dog’s body shape and natural preferences.

The learning process will be constructed in a way in which you and your dog are successful, have fun and learn things that fit well into your daily life.This activity is available in several forms in order to adapt to different levels. It can be practiced in individual lessons in a low stimulation environment and is also available in the form of semi-collective classes in various more or less challenging environments.

In the following weeks we will organize a lot of different activities : Nosework courses, mantrailing (search for missing people), canicross, cani-paddle, canine holiday camps, canine hikes and canine cognition weekends

Contact us to get the information as it comes and to take advantage of the opportunity to register first!