Our training methods

Tailor-made training, customized advice, all kinds of dog-centered activities so that we can help you whatever the current situation with your furry best friend. 

Puppy, senior dog, border collie, jack russel or chihuahua, positive reinforcement-based training applies to every dog and allows for a high quality and science-based education.

Whatever your goal, be it teaching your puppy to pee outside, helping your adult dog to be better at his recall, preparing your big dog for the TMC test or having a nice walk on the leash in city environments, Terra Educanis brings you the solution.


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Daily happiness with your go is only a click away

An investment that will bring you a comfort in you everyday life and a true understanding of your dog for the years to come. Learning to think like a dog is offering yourself peace of mind and tranquility in every circumstances. A human-dog team that is educated is a duo that knows how to choose and create the appropriate context as to have success in their learning curve and who has pleasure to take part in activities together, since the basics are known and mastered.

Course schedule

We give training classes from Sundays to Wednesdays. We can schedule sessions before your work, at your lunchbreak or after, during the evenings. We offer semi-collective classes on Sunday evenings. 

The classes take place in Geneva, at your home, in the nearby environments, at our training-center, in the city or in a public parc. The goal is for you and your dog to master the basics in every kind of environment that is appropriate, so that you can truly see changes in your day-to-day life.

9am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
8am - 7pm
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At home classes

Our at home training sessions are available in Geneva and are essential in targeting and addressing specific problems you are encountering with your dog. 
With this training-method we see you dog in his natural state, we are able to adapt and prepare your usual living-environment, we are able to work with different people who have a different implication in your dog’s life and we can offer you a training program that is appropriate to your specific situation.

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Our region

1203 Genève

Contact information

(+41) 795327567

Meet your educator

My name is Gaelle Vulliez, I have a diploma in dog-training from AOA. I’ve also been trained in dog behavior and work with diverse dog trainers colleagues in Geneva. As a team we are happy to guide you through whatever specific problem you are encountering. 

I am authorized to teach by the SCAV from Geneva, am authorized to teach and make you pass the TMC-test that is necessary for big dogs in our county.

I am also trained for the preparation of the BNPC as well as K9’s canine cognition tests.

Shortly after getting my diploma and the start of my journey as a dog trainer I discovered the fascinating universe of Nosework.
So I decided to enter Laura Hanouna’s Nosework instructor course to be able to teach you the mysteries of our dogs olfactory system.
This canine sport is a big help to me in teaching you to train your dog. It helps you create a stronger bond through a natural and fun activity for your pooch. He is able to problem-solve is more relaxed and tired mentally and can alleviate his need for smelling everything.

In the canine world, everything is based on the scientific progress and so it is crucial for me to stay up to date and to continue learning more on a permanent basis.

Gaelle Vulliez Educatrice canin Terra Educanis

For 2023 my goals are : 

• Continue to learn about and discover new ways of training the canine behavior. This is an extremely complex subject and so there are always new techniques and information to discover. Lucky me, I am passionate about it!

• Following a course and may classes about Mantrailing (teaching a dog to search for lost people by using his scent abilities)

• Finalize my course in advanced clicker-training (Clicker-training and dogdance within our semi-collective classes coming soon !)

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